The Trip Down to Miami, Florida

March 3, 2007 ,

We are all packed and ready to help Habitat for Humanity build houses! We are excited! We left snow

for the warmth and sun

of Miami's South Beach. But I get ahead of myself...

The goal was to drive straight through, only stopping for gas and food. The trip down was pretty uneventful. We did not run into any weather. The only traffic problems that we encountered were in Florida. The first was when we came up to Daytona Beach. A lady saw our car, and told us that she was a Holy Cross alumnus. At Daytona Beach was a large motorcycle convention, and that was the reason for the traffic backup. So, we found a route around Daytona Beach. That was fine, and we saw some of the pretty countryside around Daytona.

The next major event was in Pompano Beach, near Miami. First, motorcycles came out of nowhere, going about 120 MPH. They were racing on I-95. A bit down the road, we saw smoke coming from the highway. We thought one of the motorcycles had crashed. It turns out it was just a car that had caught fire. A few miles down the road, traffic slowed again. A car was on the side of the road, and the other was in the middle lane with the right front tire turned way too far to the right. The police showed up as we were going by. It is a bit scary when you see the following sign on the highway "Please move accident vehicles to the side of the road". This is an hourly occurrence here. I will never ever again complain about Boston drivers?

The last 15 miles were the longest, as we were tired, and we could see the end in sight. We arrived at the Central Bible Church

at 7:50 PM.

We are sharing the church with a group from Providence College. The flew down, leaving at 3:15 PM. They arrived at the chruch about 8:00 PM.